Selling a House For Removal

Sell Your House for Profit / Save Demolition Costs/ Don’t Pay Commission

House demolition can cost between $10,000 and $20,000 or more and creates tons of waste that ends up in landfill sites around the country. You can save thousands in demolition costs and even get paid good money for the house you no longer need. Depending on where your house is located we can either Sell your house for you and remove it, or List your home on our website for Private Sale. All at no charge to you.

Click here to get a no obligation free assessment of your house for removal (Parts of QLD and NSW only) or learn more with our Free PDF frequently asked questions guide.

Why Use Drake Homes?

Drake Homes are professional house movers, buyers, marketers and resellers, and have been moving, removing and dealing in houses for removal in Australia for more than 40 years. Drake are experts in their field and can help you with your project wherever you are in Australia.

We can sell your house for you at no charge to you

For clients in areas in and around SE QLD and NE NSW we offer a premium selling and marketing service involving –

1.    Direct assessment and appraisal of the house by a trained consultant
2.    A premium level, featured listing on our website3.
3.    Email distribution of your listing to our extensive database of ready buyers
4.    Buyer enquiry management
5.    Appointments and inspections conducted by trained sales staff with qualified buyers
6.    Appropriate advise, feedback, care and attention
7.    Removal of your house following completion of sale


We enter into an agreement with you to buy the house subject to selling it on to one of our Buyers. We do all the selling and look after the Buyers needs and give them all the advice and information they need to make a buying decision. We make it easy for Buyers by packaging the house purchase together with delivery and restumping for a complete solution. We can even assist Buyers with council approvals. The Buyers pay the selling and marketing costs, leaving it free for you, the Seller. You receive the agreed price without deduction for commissions etc.

*There may be some costs charged by local authorities and service providers etc

We buy houses and remove them

If your house is located in SE QLD or NE NSW and needs to be removed immediately, we may be able to buy your house, on sell it and remove it to a storage facility once its sold; however this can make many house removal projects not viable due to the high double handling and storage costs involved. We can advise you on pricing, time frames and other considerations.

Click here to get a free no obligation assessment (parts of QLD and NSW only) or learn more with our Free PDF frequently asked questions guide.

We can list your house for sale at no charge to you

For homes outside South East QLD & North East NSW we offer free Private Seller Listings. Buyers visiting our website search for houses in their area and when making an enquiry about your house contact you direct. This feature is available for Private Sellers and Businesses selling houses for Removal anywhere in Australia outside our area. You conduct the inspections and make the sale arrangements with the Buyer. Buyers and Sellers can search for House Moving Contractors, Demolition Contractors, and other Service Providers throughout Australia using our online directories. There is no charge for this.

To create your free online listing – click here

What Costs Are There?

Drake don’t charge commissions or fees. If we are selling your house for you, your home is marketed as a package and priced to include delivery and restumping to make it easier for buyers. We include the cost of sales & marketing in the price paid by the buyer. You will receive an agreed price with no commissions or fees deducted.

Private Seller Listings are free of charge.

Potential costs include demolition costs if your house cannot be sold or removed, and council charges for approvals and disconnections relevant to the Sellers site if applicable. Site clean-up after demolition or removal is the Seller’s responsibility also.

What Price Should I Ask?

We want you to achieve the best price possible for your home. If you are unsure of the price to ask, we can assist you. We can assess your home for you and give you a guide as to what similar homes have sold for*. Selling removal homes is much like selling anything else. The more reasonable the price, the quicker the sale. Ultimately you are the one who sets the price and we are happy to provide our services if we believe you have a reasonable chance of achieving a sale at your price in the time frame allowed. It may even be better to give the house away for free rather than pay to demolish it. If we are buying the house from you we will tell you how much we can pay you for it*.

*SE QLD and NE NSW only

How much time is needed?

Due to the fact that most sites where a house is being removed from will be redeveloped in the near future, time can be an important factor. We can advise you on suitable time frames needed and how best to balance the timing and pricing considerations. The rule of thumb is it can take about a month to find a buyer and then 3 or 4 months after that for the Buyers council approvals, then another few weeks to get the required transport approvals and move the house. So its normal for the process to take 5 to 6 months from start to finish. Many people leave it too late to do something about selling their home. In many instances, the home has to be sold for far less than it is worth or even demolished at considerable cost in order to make way for redevelopment. Don’t be fooled by people promising to buy your home and move it as soon as possible. To get the full value of your home, it should be delivered directly from your site to its final destination, thus avoiding additional costs for double handling and storage. Homes can be moved via a holding yard but this should be considered as a last resort and many homes simply wont stack up under that scenario. If time is limited and this is your only option we are happy to advise you further about this.

What to do Next?

The sooner you get started the sooner you will have the money and the sooner you will be able to plan your redevelopment with peace of mind. We promise to provide you with professional service and the right advice. Don’t settle for less! Remember, it costs you nothing to have us working for you.

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