Moving a House


Drake Homes have been dealing in and relocating houses and buildings for over 40 years in South East QLD and the Northern Rivers Area of NSW. Over this period we have developed an enormous amount of experience in house removal. In the past when the industry was still young and evolving we moved houses ourselves out of necessity and lack of contractors, however these days there are many independent house relocation contractors available. If you are buying a house privately or already have a house and want to get quotes to move it then we can help by putting you in touch with a number of suitable contractors. Contact us now or call 07 3801 1992 during office hours for a referral.

Caution. For those who have never moved a house before, there is a lot to learn and a lot of expensive mistakes can be made learning the craft if you don’t have help. For this reason we recommend if you are new to this that you allow us to guide you through the process and avoid the costly and time consuming mistakes that are all too common to first time players in this space.

If you buy a home through us we will give you the right advise and hold your hand while ensuring you learn whats required to effectively manage a house relocation project. We can provide assistance with council approval and provide financing advise, we use industry leading sales and purchasing documentation, highly developed administration systems and the experience that we are more than happy to share with our customers. All the homes we have for sale have been selected to ensure they are financially and practically viable to relocate. We typically inspect 20 or more homes before we find a suitable one. We know what to look for and which houses to avoid for all sorts of reasons. We know there are many homes that are just not worth having, even for free.

See our current listings of homes for sale here

Other Areas and States

Because we are solely based in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in QLD we cannot provide a direct service to areas in Australia further than about 400klm from Brisbane.

We do however have a National Contractor Directory for those seeking out contractors to relocate houses in other areas and other States. We also have a National Listings Directory of houses for sale for removal by private sellers in areas where we don’t operate. These directories are available for your use completely free of charge.

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