Frequently Asked Questions about Council Approvals for Removal Homes

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1. Is council approval included when buying a removal home?

If you are buying a home from Drake, the approvals to remove the home from the existing site are included. The approvals for the final site are not included because requirements vary between councils and in rare cases may not be required at all. Drake Homes can provide a comprehensive service for council applications and approvals where required.

2. When is council approval necessary?

If the structure is to be permanent in nature then council approval will more than likely be required for its new site.

When demolishing or removing a permanent structure from your land, a separate approval for the existing site is usually required before work can commence.

Temporary buildings including site offices do not normally require council approval.

3. What will council require?

Before issuing approval most councils require an application in writing including professionally drawn plans, structural engineering details, plumbing and drainage information, site surveys and soil reports, and any number of other professional reports. Council or in some cases private certifiers will charge fees for processing the application, providing connection to services, and for certain inspections.

4. What is a council bond?

Some councils require a performance bond that is refunded when the project is completed to council requirements. The idea is that council can use the bond to complete the project if it is abandoned. Bond values are set by council on a job by job basis depending upon the amount of work required to complete a project.

5. How long does it take?

Some time is needed for the application to be prepared before lodgement to council. Once lodged it can take from a few weeks to a few months depending on the project.

6. Can approval be refused?

It is extremely unusual but it can happen, and can normally be avoided by following the rules and getting expert help to prepare and lodge applications. Councils are bound by certain rules so they cannot simply refuse an application without good reason. Council decisions can be appealed.

7. Does approval need to be obtained before the house can be moved to its new site?

In most cases yes. Where there is insufficient time to obtain approvals before a house must be moved; holding yards are used for temporary house storage.

8. How much will it cost?

Council fees and charges can vary considerably depending on the council in question and the size or value of the project. Professionals and Consultants fees can vary too, and the amount of information required can vary depending upon the project and the council involved. It generally costs for a normal building application around $5,000 to $7,000 to prepare, lodge and obtain council approval including council and certifier fees, consultants fees, drawings and reports.

9. Can I prepare and lodge an application myself?

Yes, you can, however it pays to have help. Most projects have strict time frames and delays due to inexperience, lack of the right contacts or lack of the right knowledge and experience can cost a lot more than a professionals fees.

10. Where can I get help with council approvals?

We can assist you with all your House Removal council approval needs. Click here to enquire now.

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