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Drakes New Range of Eco Smart Homes

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There is much being said about the need to protect our environment. Governments the world over are fashionably promoting Carbon Taxes and recycling. The general public are aware of the hole in the ozone layer and the La Nina/El Nino effects. There is little dispute the future of our planet depends on preserving our habitat.

If you are seriously looking towards providing for the generations coming after us, you need to begin planning now.

One such area that can be addressed fairly openly is the future of housing. As new technologies emerge, sustainable building materials and renewable energy sources are becoming more affordable. This allows forward thinking builders the opportunity to challenge traditional conventions and cause a paradigm shift, resulting in refocusing the mindset of home buyers by means of education and consultation.

Drake Eco Smart Homes is one such company. Under the umbrella of the parent company Drake Homes, a new Eco Smart division has been birthed to lead the way.

“We are actively pursuing bold new frontiers with our fresh look at design. It’s certainly not the way it used to be. Gone are the cookie cutter stereotypes of the past.”

The new designs we have created and the manufacturing techniques we now employ are far superior to the way our predecessors did things.

Having cut our teeth on timber importing, pre constructed roof trusses and wall frames and then later relocating and recycling traditional Queenslanders, our expert knowledge in dissecting, moving and reassembling domestic dwellings places us at the front of the pack. We are now embracing ideas born out of problems we have had to solve over many decades.

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