Buying a Removal Home

What are the benefits?

save money

Save Money As with anything secondhand, you can expect to pay up to 50% less than the same product purchased new. A ‘Removal Home’ on your land with services connected and ready to move into is no exception and should be between 25% and 50% cheaper that the same building built new.

Save Time A ‘Removal Home’ can be delivered to site immediately following council approvals and can be ready to live in within a couple of weeks. A new home can take considerably longer following council approval just to reach lockup stage.

Original is better Homes built in the past have stood the test of time, and were built by master craftsmen with skills that have been largely lost today. Due to the rise in construction costs, cheaper materials are used in new construction today and these materials tend to lack the warmth, feel, strength, and aesthetic qualities of the construction materials of the past.

Satisfaction When buying a ‘Removal Home’, you are getting involved in the project from start to finish. We have received many letters from customers who have enjoyed the satisfaction of creating their own unique home from sometimes rather humble beginnings. You can of course employ others to do all the work if this is your preference however the more involved you are the more money you will save and the more personal satisfaction you will get out of the project.

Save our Heritage Australia’s history deserves to be retained in a tangible form. Many important buildings have been lost due to poor planning or lack of care for the historical value. It is not always practical to keep historical buildings on the original sites, and moving them is an option that is far too often ignored. By buying a Removal Home you are contributing to the honourable activity of maintaining a piece of our unique heritage.

Save our Planet We all have a responsibility to protect the environment. Demolition and destruction of buildings sends thousands of tonnes of waste building materials into land fill sites in our cities every year. The relocation of buildings is one of the oldest and largest contributors of recycling available today.

Why buy from Drake?

why buy from drake

Large Range We have a good range of quality removal homes sourced from our many contacts with Developers, Government Agencies, Local Authorities and Road Construction Projects. This makes finding your home much easier and more convenient.

Click here to see homes for sale by Drake

Click here to research the different types of homes and buildings removed and recycled in Australia

Helpful Consultants We have experienced removal home consultants who can advise you on all aspects of removal home purchasing and removal. There are many things unique to this industry that are helpful to know. We can help you avoid the pitfalls.

Council Approvals Approvals for removal homes is a specialised field. We have access to professional Removal Home Council Approval Services consultants to get your approvals completed quickly and without fuss.

Finance Services Browse our directory of removal home mortgage brokers and lenders for your home financing needs.

First Home Buyer Suitability We have homes suitable for First Home Buyers using the grant. Grant applicants will need to engage a builder to complete the home to qualify for the grant. Contact us for details.

Building Services We can provide helpful advise on all matters relating to the purchase and completion of your home and you can also find details of owner builder training courses, building consultants, engineers, soil testing and other trades etc.

Preferred Contractors We have several specialist house relocation contractors we can refer you to for removal of your home. This gives you choice, flexibility, and control.

Experience We have been buying, moving and selling removal homes for over 40 years so you can be confident you are dealing with a reputable and reliable company you can trust plus you benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Where should you start?

where to start

Completion Budget Work out how much you want to spend all up to have a home supplied, removed and completed on your land.

House Budget As a guide, calculate two thirds of your completion budget and that will roughly be the price range you should be targeting for a removal home delivered and stumped on your land if you want to stay within your completion budget. This will vary depending upon the condition of the home to start with. Our prices usually include supply, provisional delivery and restumping within 100kms.

Browse online Browse homes 4 sale on our web site to see if there is a home or homes that appeal to you within your target budget.

Get a Price List Use these links to download price lists for our currently available removal homes delivered to sites in SE QLD, NE NSW and Moreton Bay Islands

Contact Us Contact us for more information on the home or homes you like. E-mail us, phone us or just drop in to see us. Our consultants are here to answer your questions, and to help you find the right home for you.

Inspections Homes are available for inspection by appointment so please call the number listed on the house listing or contact us via our online forms.

What else do you need to know?

other info

  • Homes are generally supplied “as is” from floor level up.
  • You are responsible to arrange completion of the home including reconnection of services and other renovation work required.
  • Councils may ask for a bond which is refundable on completion. This is usually provided by way of bank guarantee rather than putting up cash.
  • When borrowing money for a removal home, it is best to borrow as much as possible against your land, as banks will not place much security value on the house until it is fixed to the land. Use your available cash to get the house to your land and use borrowings if necessary to complete the home.
  • Extra costs may apply for delivery to Islands, across state borders and/or for distances over 100kms. Extra costs will also apply if you want to position your house higher than 600mm above ground, or if your site has difficult soil conditions.
  • You are responsible to provide suitable access to your land for delivery of the home.
  • It is possible to put a removal home on a sloping site in most cases.
  • The homes are second hand (used) and have not been built or manufactured by us.
  • Whilst we have inspected each home we sell and all care and consideration has been taken, no warranty is given as to the safety or condition of the homes.
  • We recommend you have the home you want to buy inspected by a registered builder, or an engineer for your own peace of mind.
  • For help with buying a home in other parts of QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, ACT, TAS, WA and NT see our Private Seller Listings Directory

The above information is intended as a guide only. For further information, please contact us by phone on (07) 3801 1992, or contact us

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